DIY Clickbait Video installation

DIY CLICKBAIT is an interactive video installation created in collaboration with Martijn de Vliegher and medialab Setup.

The installation consists of two parts:

  • A video wall of eight video’s.  

  • A generator in which visitors can generate their own clickbait title and draw a thumbnail with their generated title.

What is it like as a maker to work within an algorithm. Will the algorithm be on the director’s seat one day? Does it take spontaneity out of the maker’s process? Or do the strict boundaries the algorithm can create just require more imagination and creative solutions? Together with Martijn de Vliegher I produced a series of algorithmic generated clickbait-video’s.

This is how we worked:

  1. We created a system that can generate an unlimited amount of clickbait-titles, based on current trends and popular content.

  2. We send eight of those titles to scriptwriters on Fiverr and gave them complete creative freedom. From all over the world they would send us elaborate scripts.

  3. We followed the scripts literary and turned them into Youtube video's

The result is a series of videos that's balancing between appealing DIY-aesthetic and something that came up from the weird part of Youtube.